You Shouldn't have ShitPosted That is a series of events where Mugen created a separated Internet Detectives group to avoid inmersion breaking and feel the gameplay, this happened:

February 11th, 2017 Edit

· At 5:02 PM, Mugen Kagemaru (K♦) joined the new skype group

Then a skype call starts, we don't have the call recorded, but looks like /mugen\ didn't wanted to use the mic, he sent messages on chat of how much he is worried about the jid gameplay, he also ask wyatt to take condoms with him for some reason

· At 5:36 PM, Adult_Link sents a random image1


· At 5:37 PM, /Mugen\ reply: "Dump it, Dump the pic you posted" this is one, and from far away, the most "light" anti-shitposting reply from mugen

No more shitposting is present on the group until...

March 12th, 2017 Edit

· At 21:24 PM Michal_Lukas9 posted: Hey guys can we conduct an experiment with JID lore?

/Mugen\: ...?

Michal: basically kelbris is dead and when we get the ocarina lets play song of healing and see what happens

/Mugen\: Nothing would happen right now,

Michal: I mean when we get the chance

/Mugen\: Foolish boy. You think these effects are real?

/Mugen\: We can guess what will happen: 1. (facepalm) 2. "Your notes echoed far, but nothing happened."

Michal: Yea xD

/Mugen\: Wipe that smile off your face.

March 20th, 2017 Edit

· At 23:25 PM , Adult_link post a video about here comes another chinese earthquake

/Mugen\: Thorin (In other words, dude wtf shitposting my group?)

March 21th, 2017 Edit

· At 2:01 AM, Adult_link post a megalovania remix from undertale

Mugen kagemaru removes Adult_link from this conversation.

/Mugen\: You know, the funny thing is... it wasn't a matter of "if it would happen" but rather "how long it would take to happen"

/Mugen\: I'd be stupid to think any of the old guard would remain after a few months

Eevee pulls cord on chest bomb



Eevee has left

Scout, in response to /Mugen\ last message: to be fair, you'd be stupider

/Mugen\: No, I kinda figured letting some of you in here would end up negating the idea behind this room

Mugen adds Eevee

/Mugen\: The difference being that, if you're gonna leave on your own... At least state why

Wolfcat: Mugen Eevee is dead

Eevee: I'm chilling with 72 virgins right now

Eevee and Wolf starts joking about the wall of EE.UU

/Mugen\: \kick wolfcat , sorry, you were saying?


"Here it comes the edgy ride..."

/Mugen\: Allow me to clarify

I'm well aware I'm not popular among JiD's playerbase

And if you think this room was to get back into someone's good graces



I made this room so shit can get done

I left the TaskMasters alone so that folks can do their shit without it disrupting gameplay

Allowing casual conversation in here was a CONCESSION

You can call it edgy, you can think I'm whiny...








So yeah, I do genuinely hope the thing with Thorin cleared some shit up

I fully expected him to be the first

The question is

Will he be the last?

I should point out for our newcomers that I do not mean to imply you are included in this

I apologize if this seems out-of-character, or a breakdown.

I'm simply setting the record straight

After /mugen\ venting some edge, Wolfcat post a rap version of mugen's group using mugen messages:

if you think this room was to get back into someone's

Weird ass THInK


I made this room so

I could

breakdown Uh



in this room I participated while you

will be EX-TER-MIN-A-TED:

it was called

extreme prejudice

but I deleted the

evidence word

Mugen removes Wolf from the group